For these past few months, I’ve been committed to restart my diet.

Why ‘my diet’?

Simply because this might only applicable for my body system 🙂


I’ve been reducing rice consumption since I was 23, but the need to mobile in life has messed it up.

I was in a heavy obesity during my college time, I was 58 kg weight in just a 155 cm height.



I was ashamed.


But, that could be my turning point, cos by then I could realise the importance of exercise.

Too, I could also found out that being healthy cost you lesser money.

It’s true 🙂


I came to my dad to talk about this issue. He advised me not to put rice on my daily menu.


Me : “Dad, that’s hard. Everything is served with rice… .”

Dad : “That’s the point.”


And he just smiled.


I followed his advice.

It was hard at the first 2-3 weeks, but discipline made it possible.

It was even easier with my dad giving example.

FYI, he didn’t eat carbs 🙂


Once I got used to the no-rice diet, he took me for some exercises. It was a simple- basic – and cheap exercise for your body : run.

What a boring …


And my dad was not that kind of a gym guy.

He took me for a run around neighbourhood in the early morning ~ after 5.30 am or sometimes even before.

We ran for about 20-30 minutes and go back home afterwards.

He didn’t like the idea of hanging out after sport.

For some reasons, I like this thought.


Not long after I got used to not to eat rice and do sport regularly, he trained me to the higher level : not to consume carbs.

Crazy ,,, *_*


I said, “Dad, carbs is everywhere. Everything contains carbs… .”

My dad said no word.


There I was.

No rice, no carbs, and regular exercise.

Those routines were enable me to get my normal weight in about 15 months; 9 additional months completion to get me used to the habits. So, total was 2 Y diet program.

That was about 10 years ago.


This diet program was one of his legacy.

He was literally showing me that bad thing has an ability to grow faster than the good one. 

Which is true.

So, that is why I never trust any diet programs in ads.

They claimed that their program will slim us as fast as possible, without pain and suffer, nothing is gonna be changed in our daily menu and bla bla … .

They would say that all you have to do is just to consume ‘this’ formula.



Then what’s gonna happen after the formula end?

And by the way, ‘the formula’ will cost you money to purchase their supplements or vitamins.

So, you gotta be able to afford those extra budget.

And I hate this idea so much.


Ade Rai @CerdasFitness said that being healthy is a matter of getting your mind right.

I couldn’t be more agree with that.


Just like how my dad has trained me to get to my normal weight, that I could just successfully achieved it with discipline and correct proportion of daily menu.

I’m not saying that those commercial programs are harmful, it’s just not my type, not my preference.

I have witnessed that those programs won’t bring you to build habits of healthy life.

It will just sufficient as a kick starter.

Just like fireworks, it will give an explosion at first but left with nothing after a while.


My dad didn’t tell me the dos and the don’ts.

But, he taught me to distinct between the rights and wrongs, to classify those which are gonna bringing me benefit or harm. 


He knew that we’re not rich enough to afford gym membership, so he trained me to have the right motivation in doing sport at the first place.

Sport & exercise is mainly to keep your body fit and fresh and healthy.

It’s not for the sake of losing weight. If you have that kind of mentality, please repent.


Not to put rice in my daily menu is actually to train my tongue tasteless. 

You know, what in Indonesia that doesn’t served with rice?

Gudeg, Rawon, Sate (satay/ bbq stick), opor (chicken curry), gulai (beef curry) , tongseng (beef curry too), soto (chicken/ beef soup with soun), even pecel (salad with peanut sauce as its dressing)!

Btw, there’s lontong in gado- gado <— that’s classify under rice too!

And how bout nasi goreng (fried rice)? Nasi Padang? Nasi Rames (rice with mixed veggies)?

If you’re an Indonesian, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Those all would limit my satisfaction of eating T_T


Thus, I’d find a need to find another source of food, that is healthier and save to be consumed in ‘a not small’ portion, and those are fruits and vegetables.


See, he taught me to figure out the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’.

It is more important to have a healthy body rather than just to focus to lose weight.

His concern is more to teach me the right way to live rather than to dictate me to be the person he wanted me to be.

And thankfully, I could catch his heart.





Many persons didn’t understand this point.


They often question me about my diet menu.

In their mind, “a diet must have to bring your weight down successfully”.

Well, I am not against that.

In fact, I want to lose weight as well.

But, I focused to build a series of healthy habits to live before finally losing my weight.


Can you spot the difference?

Mine : healthy diet —> loosing weight.

Their’s : loosing weight —> diet.

The focus is different.


You gotta start with the correct perspective to aim the correct goal, before finally hit your target.


If you start it wrongly, your focus will definitely wrong as well; therefore you will never reach what you aim.


It’s my body, it’s my style. 

It’s my way to treat my body healthy. 


I don’t like sweet things like candy and ice cream, I don’t like chocolate (and not many peeps know it), but I am still eating banana cake, the homemade is my fave one.

I like lapis legit so much (Eng: layer cake), I like sandwich cookies with blueberry jam, I like fries.

I love chips and Indomie and I still eat them all.



I didn’t eat them greedily.


I am now able to control my portion, and say “this is enough” to my tongue.

I am now able to switch my tongue to something tasteless and easy to grab.

Melon, guava and tomatoes are my menu of snacks instead of chips.

Cooked spinach, kangkong, sprout and bean are my main course instead of chicken curry with rice.

DIY isotonic water has been a good help instead of buying supplement or vitamins in the pharmacy.


Like what I have wrote above, that this is my dad’s legacy.

And I am proud to continue it.


This series of habits was started from something small. 

Start small rather than never. 


Happy Good Friday, cos since when Friday is not good? 🙂



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