When I’m Falling Love


“When I’m falling love, it will be forever.”

What a song.

Fallin’ in love is the right phrase to use to express what I feel right now.

I feel him, but I’m not sure whether he feels the same way.

Ha! Those lines could be the part of my next song!

What a song!

Main- main dengan perasaan memang tidak pernah dianjurkan.

As a born introvert, I am gifted with a strong intuition ~ which can be good or the other way around. But again, God wastes nothin’ 🙂

Oleh Sang Khalik, saya telah dilengkapi dengan sumber-sumber yang saya perlukan untuk menjalani hidup. Saya tidak kekurangan satu apapun.

Tulisan kali ini merupakan kumpulan buah kontribusi dari seorang teman yang sosoknya telah saya lihat sejak tahun 2012.

November 2013 yang lalu, saya berkesempatan berinteraksi dengan sang teman, who is a musician.

Jujur nih, awal saya bertatap muka dengan sang teman ini, saya minder. Haha.

We met for a friend’s wedding performance rehearsal, he was the guitarist and I was one of the vocalists.

Saya termasuk pribadi yang membutuhkan chemistry untuk berinteraksi dengan sesama. Well, saya bisa ngobrol dengan siapa saja; tapi chemistry berkontribusi penting terhadap bobot interaksi. #nottojudge

Sang teman ~ dengan pembawaan yang kalem seperti orang Jawa, meskipun namanya jauh dari pakem Jawa~ sangat supportive untuk seorang amateur vocalist seperti saya. Seriously. 

Somehow, I felt like conversing with him throughout the rehearsal. The singing was no longer a performance, it became an interaction.

And again, it perhaps because we had that chemistry.

I didn’t have a chance to meet him again ’till early of February 2014; and again, we met in a friend’s wedding.

But this time he came as a guest, and I was supported by another guitarist.

I’ve requested for him, but unfortunately he was super duper busy 😦

Hehe,,, seru ya. Heading nya selalu tentang wedding, padahal kita- kita ini masih single … #curcol

Di akhir February 2014, saya menulis sebuah lagu worship untuk anak- anak.

FYI, I’m a born singer, but I’m not gifted to play any musical instruments. Too bad, cos that made my song incomplete.

Somehow, I thought of him in mind ~ the guitarist.

Saya hubungi dia untuk share tentang lagu yang baru saja saya tulis. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind to help me arranging the music.

He gave it a try and I perfectly love his music!

He would try to meet me up after April, after his tight deadlines over.

To be very honest, I didn’t really know what he does. I just heard from one or two that he was pretty busy.

Hingga Mei 2014, kami belum sempet- sempet juga ketemu, rupanya dia masih sibuk.

Padahal saya sudah ada satu lagu baru lagi hahaha …

To cut the long story short, we finally managed to meet on June 11th to create demo version for those two songs. He was totally helping me. No charge.

FYSI, we are both tenants, we don’t live in our own house. It’s hard to find a quite place, undisturbed as well private to record our demo.

Not having many choices, we finally agreed to meet at my place ~ as my landlord has given an approval.

I don’t stay alone, I have another house mate at home. As she was washing and cooking in the kitchen, so some noises would be expected. 😥

Never mind, we can’t get all at once 🙂

We practiced, we made some silly mistakes.

We’re feeling hot ~as the room is non AC, I gotta close all windows and door to minimise the noise.

He was ready with the instrument, unfortunately I am not a pro singer *_*

But, we managed to finish our demo recording! ^_^

As I’m typing, I am playing my second song which was just finished last nite.

We ended the practice at about 10 pm and went out for dinner afterwards.

I was actually in the mission to get to know him more.

We talked and I found out that he is a video editor; currently, he is working in a publisher company owned by government.

And, along the way he shoots for his personal projects while helping friends as well. So now I know, why was he sooooo busssyyyyy >,<

He works based on shift, which work timing could be a little bit out of control.

Here is one of his creation for Scholar4id, check it out.

While eating, I kept on asking him for some open questions. To my surprise, he was elaborating his answers.

I mean, you know, we’re not close friends, he was just doing me a favor.

Umm,,, I was just thinking that I’m not suppose to listen to all of his opinions.

But if it happened, it is a privilege 🙂

An introvert who opens himself exclusively

A talented musician with humility

A video editor with great dreams

A 1 in a million in this lost breed

We talked further about our introversive and how did we managed to overcome it.

We found out different ways but conclude into the same point, that no matter what is our preference, we will always need friends to grow, to share, and to build our dreams.

The ways to get there might different, but we aim to the same goal.

I found out that I am a born introvert since teenage, while he found out his through the relationship with his girlfriend.

O o … #tetott

I’ve got an alarm …

Yes, he is IN a 6 years relationship.

Now, the alarm even sounds louder …

I thank God for investing my time asking him questions, cos it has brought me to the real fact that we’re just friends.

Well, at least for now.


Moral of the story is, not to perceive things literally. 

Many times, what we see is not what we get. 


And I am even more grateful because I have taught on how to set distance in relationship.

And to me, it is now clearly that me and him are just fit as friends.

No offence, no hard feeling.

Friends are friends.


IMHO, he is another version of Ronald Steven.

For those who don’t know who Ronald Steven is, just click the link below, and hopefully you’ll be able to picturize what is my friend looks like. 🙂





Now finally, I’m going to give u a sneak peak of what was my friend has done for me.

This song became complete because of his contribution.

This song is dedicated to my dad who has passed away in December 2010.

It was years ago and I still couldn’t forget him.

There was one nite when I really cried in the heart and couldn’t released any words as my mouth stuck.

But I knew, that I gotta say it out

That was how this song came out.



Happy Father’s Day, daddy.

It is an early gift for you.

You are forever loved.

You are truly missed.

Descanse en paz.


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