Singapore, July 11 2014

“The size of your dream reflected your vision, your future,” @erniesarra

Last June, I went back to Indonesia to see my family and meet some close friends.
Coincidentally, there was a church conference when I was in Bandung.
At the backstage area, I met a young girl who is super talented and very energetic, her name is Ria; this could be the second coincidence.
After short introduction, I found out that she is my mentor’s friend. Oh, what a small world. I got a toll access to get to know her because of this condition. This could be another coincidence 🙂


Who is Ria?
And why she deserves an article on my blog?

Well, tho I am not a well known writer, but let me tell you first of how young she is.


Ria is a 25 YO girl and yet had started to work on her future since she was in Senior High. When I say ‘work on’ means this would definitely be a real hard work for everybody, including me.

For Ria, life isn’t a fairy tale. There is no such things like went to prom nite, dated by a cool boy in school, or even joint a school trip. She has to think of some struggles in family and life, she gotta fights for a better future.

Her parents had divorced since years ago, and she has to deal with lots of hardships after since.

She started to work in a small printing company, 8 hours per day. The money that earned will be used to cover her family needs; such as her little brother’s school fee, her father’s medical bills, and even her brothers daily life. I bet she has no space to think about her own needs.

Years later, after learned on how to work in this printing industry, she decided to take some side jobs outside her office job. It has acknowledged by her boss as he was fine with it.

So, she’s been working from morning to afternoon, and takes some side jobs at night. Oh, forget to mention that she’s been managing those side jobs under her own firm: Life.

That story has already amazed me.
But if it’s not amaze you yet, let me add some other points into it.


Ria knows that she gotta improve her self, she couldn’t just be satisfied with her Senior High Certificate. She took a part time business course, which is scheduled every Friday and Saturday nights.

You have to be aware, that she is in printing industry. She deals with events that require her to be at the backstage before and after the events, which time management could be super challenging.

When I was with her preparing for the 3 days church event, I witnessed her dropped by at the venue 3 hours before event or sometimes a night before – together with her crews; and came back after the event to set up the stage to be used on the next day.
Sometimes, she has to do the checking at midnite, cos she gotta be in the office in the next morning.
I called her schedule as crazy packies; it’s a way of mine to express how crazy her life is.

Even tho she is tight, she’s still able to manage her time with her loved ones. You can poke her on her face book Ria Bubu Kieandra 😛

I was once asking her about how she felt about all of these, and she said,

“As long as my family okay, I’m okay”.

Man, I was stumbling.


It’s not easy to be in her shoe.

Okay, I have had a huge struggle in the past fought for freedom from tradition. I did whatever I could just to get myself out from the tyrannies. I’ve made it. I am now free to decide what’s good for me and to pursue my dreams.

But her’s is a huge. H U G E .

I fought my own freedom, but she fought for her family.
She sacrifices her freedom for the sake of her family.
She is even younger than my little sister, but her life experience is even harder to chew than mine.


Dream is one of free stuffs that is owned by everyone, @erniesarra .


Look at her.
She has lots of struggles in life, but they didn’t stop her fighting.
She knows what’s good for her, and she goes for it.

I know, life is ain’t easy.
Some of you who are reading this article might face some challenges at the moment, that could be hard.
But never forget that you will only go for something you really want.

Life can be challenging, but to let it upsets you, it’s your own decision.

I have to admit that I have learnt a lot from Ria.
Her story has reminded me to keep on pursuing my dreams.
I have reached what I’ve dreamt for, but doesn’t mean I can stop dreaming.


“When a dream has achieved, I gotta make another one.”


And from her too, I learnt to appreciate blessings in life, to be more thankful and grateful.

Her story could be different with mine, as well as mine might be different from yours.

It might still blur, but if we keep on trying, keep on doing our best, the dreams will come to pass. It’s just a matter of time.

I just simply believe it.
La vida es sueño.

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