I’ve spent couple of weeks studying a sermon file by Paul Scanlon called Transition. It is a good stuff which can be downloaded for free in Podcast for Apple users.

Scanlon has successfully read my mind and put them on a language. He said that Transition is a season which doesn’t belong to any seasons; in fact it is a season in between of two seasons. When you’re chasing for dreams, cope with some struggles, or in a long wait; you’ll be somehow couldn’t describe the feelings and thoughts. 

You see something that people can’t see them yet. You feel like you’re dressing up for wedding but you’re sitting at the Starbucks, waiting for your coffee.

They will misunderstand you or even worse they’ll mock you as someone who is incapable. That’s when doubt and fear come to attack; cos now you have to be on your own. None to cling on. And now what?

In the midst of pressure and uncertainty where by people are telling you “the-to-do-list” to achieve success in life, you’ll be feeling like you’re alone and unworthy. You’re gonna ask whether God has forgotten you, whether God cares about you or not.


God is the Alpha and Omega – He is the one who has started and He has written the complete scenario. When you’re in the transition, you’re actually reaching a step towards the next height. Just like reading a book, you’re in the middle of the chapters, you’re not reaching the end of the book yet. All you have to do is just to keep on reading patiently. 

“Just because God has secured our future, doesn’t mean all things would ran well.”

Still, there are parts of our’s and parts of God’s. 


David had been anointed by Samuel since he was young, but the appointment to be the King came 15 years later. And from the Bible, we knew that David had endured himself for that long. Feeding the sheep, being set a part at the pasture while the rest of his brothers were being prioritised to serve king Saul.


I’ve gone from some transitions in life, and I know there will be another one waiting.

I’ve learnt to endure myself faithfully and overcome my struggles with only those whom I trust.

I’ve gone hardship by just my sister supported my finance and gave me pocket money for every single day. She earned money while I prayed at home, knocking God’s door for a miracle. Those all were happened to elevate me to a higher level.

As now I can see that I’ve became a different person, a better person with even better attitude in life. And I have passed those all with my sister by my side. 

Yes, my sister – my little sister. 

She is now 27 years old – oh I mean, today is her birthday 🙂

I couldn’t reach her due to many technical issues, but I knew that – however– she is gonna read this warmth greeting which I’ve wrote.

“Happy birthday, Muria.”

Transition’s gonna just last for a while. 

But its effect will always be worthwhile.


I love you. 

Singapore, 1.38 pm; September 7th 2014.


#birthdaynote #transition

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