I’m Practicing My Rights

I’m flying home for holiday ๐Ÿ™‚
I wasn’t feeling good with this flight – as I’ve never had that feeling.
Funny thing is, I am now sitting comfortably in the Air Asia’s airbus.
Comfortably ๐Ÿ™‚

Less than 10 minutes ago, I was seating on 15A – first seating layer of Economical Promo Fare.
In front of me was an old man in the age of around 50 yo, with his unpleasant behavior.
He had warned by the air stewardess for some rules that he had broken during flight. He insisted to put his bags under his seat which is prohibited.
The stewardess had to call her senior to help her talk to the man before he finally obeyed.

Minutes later, he adjusted his seat to sleeping position, which then shorten the distance between me and his seat became less than 20 cm.
He took my space!
He went to sleep!

I was putting my eyes around if there’s any crews passing by, but none of them appear for almost 10 minutes. I’m grumbling inside.
However, I told myself to keep calm and stay classy.
Don’t wanna ruin my #Berskha style. Lol.

Then finally, an air stewardess came around to distribute the Custom Declaration Form – the same stewardess who had warned the man before.
I asked her politely, “Excuse me, but does he allow to adjust his seat?”

The stewardess got puzzled for a moment.
I bet, her brain was telling her this:
“O gosh! Not this man again!”

Lol lol lol.

She was saying something to comfort me, but somehow it didn’t work, I stayed on my serious face.

She took sometimes to handle the situation, and came back to me saying, “I’m sorry, but the man is sleeping. Do you mind to just move to the other seat, Miss?”

I asked, “Which seat?”
“You can pick one seat at the front area”, she said it with smile.

I smiled back at her and replied, “Oh, I don’t mind”.

Of course I wouldn’t mind!
Whose on earth with their right mind will refuse to do so?!

Now, I’m sitting comfortably in the Air Asia’s airbus.
Thanks to the stewardess ๐Ÿ™‚


This is not something I use to do.
I used to just stretch my heart to give space to others. But over the years I’ve learnt, this principal isn’t for everybody; especially to some disgraceful persons like that man.

By the way, this doesn’t stop the disgraceful man from behaving annoyingly.
But it stops me from giving my space away for free.
It stops me from being too careless about protecting my right.

Seat 12A, Dec 8 2014, 10.09 am SIN Time.

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