My Grandpa Is Getting Old

That 85 years old man is not young anymore.
His health is unstable and often make us worry.
He couldn’t remember things as good as before.
He sometimes goes out and couldn’t find the way back home, that’s how he got lost.
We worried.

He’s been complaining about his headache, that the pain is too massive.
He couldn’t take it; in the end he’ll just bring the headache to sleep, then he will sleep for hours and hours.

Catfish was his fave dish, but now that’s not tasty enough to bring his appetite back.
He smokes – still, at least twice in a day; means he is still alive.

Now, we can’t let him walk too far; in fact, we lock the gate to prevent him from going out.
We don’t want him to get lost again.

My grandpa used to watch me running to protect me from guys in the street,
now is my turn to watch him eating to make sure that he won’t throw his food into the bin.

My grandpa used to take me for a walk,
now is my turn to take him for a walk.

My grandpa used to sacrifice his freedom to not to smoke every time I come home,
now is my turn to sacrifice my comfort so that he has space to smoke at home.

My grandpa used to walk with me to the salon behind the houses complex so that I won’t get lost,
now is my turn to drive him to the hospital and make sure he’ll get the best treatment.

My grandpa used to take care of my grandma,
now is his turn to be taken care of.

My grandpa just said that he loves me so much,
I already know he does 🙂


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