Don’t Be Jealous :)


“You need to understand that the culture in here is not the kind of culture that can accept straight forward statements. You need to sugar coat things that you’re going to say. Over sugar coat them if necessary.”

Few days ago, somebody said that to me.

I was puzzled for a moment.

And this was another puzzled moment after lots of puzzled moments within these three months.

Straight forward 

I define the term as an honest action in order to inform the actual facts for someone’s benefit.

I must first be honest and sincere, telling the person in kind words and tunes, and it has to be done because of love.

Because I love the person so much and I want to benefit him or her,

I don’t want the person whom I love and I care about to regress or even worse, to fall.

I prevent the person from harm.

In order to do so, many times I have to allow the person to be hurt or suffer.

Probably, I need to let him or her to experience things through hard ways.

All because I want to see him or her to progress.

Many times, truth becomes hard things to chew. 

And sometimes, truth hurts. 


“I know you’re still adjusting with our culture, but I need to see you mingling with the people in here.”

Mingling – to mingle

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind to hang around to just to say hi and asking how are you, or to eat breakfast and enjoy lunch together with people.

But, I do select topics to be conversed with.

If sitting together make you talk about somebody behind his back, then don’t bother to invite me to join.

If hang out means a chance of peeling someone’s weaknesses, then I will be the first to excuse myself out from the conversation.

If you wanna wreck yourself, go ahead.

Just don’t make me become one.


We see things differently, as well as the way we interpret things.

Nothing wrong with that.

What we need is, to sit together with positive mindset and attitude to build synergy.

Again, only mature people can handle this.

Don’t ask me to level down my standard because I won’t.

It took painful years before I could finally broke the culture’s chain.

I had to overcome tons of fight which came from my closest persons – or sometimes family members – to get the freedom.

Freedom to speak up,

freedom to be what I want to be,

freedom to choose my own path in life,

freedom to live in the values that eventually become my beliefs,

and freedom to choose who my God is.

I’ve fell downwards and bounced upwards before I finally got my current speaking style.

Pronouncing words in a proper way, enunciating syllabus excellently, and getting better in sentence structure.

I don’t have perfect grammar, but I do set a regular time to improve my grammar.

We are all learning, aren’t we?

If I perform excellently, others will be inspired to perform as such. That is how we create a better environment, a better world; so that the next generation could learn from us, could see us as an example.

Don’t you feel bored living in the same world using the same tools and method?

Well, maybe you don’t, but I do.

Just because you’re stupid, doesn’t mean others have to be one like you.

Do not sound things wrongly just because you have not enough knowledge about certain topics, instead LEARN!

Just because you’ve used to live your life in a particular way – or culture – doesn’t mean others have to follow your way.


Then you’ll see that not every place is like yours.

Broaden your paradigm. Please.

We’re all being wired differently.

I’m XS,  my size won’t fit you.

I have super thick hair that make me do undercut, my style won’t suit you.

Don’t be jealous if I can live my life with my full potentials.

Don’t be jealous if I could find happiness cos I have courage to break boundaries.

I have paid the cost, I deserve to reap my rewards.

And if you don’t know me, stop judging me.

By all means, mind your own business.


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