I Think I Am

You didn’t keep your promise to see me when I’m in town.

You didn’t even text me to apologize.

And also, you didn’t manage to send me off before I went home months ago.

You didn’t know that I was tearing while texting you.


Person whom I used to call as friend.

Person whom I used to text at anytime and anywhere.

Person whom I thought I could rely on.

You were my buddy.

But, you didn’t try your best to squeeze me into your super tight schedule.

And that makes me angry.

That makes me stopping my feet when seeing you around.

That makes me holding my breath to just saying hi to you.

That makes me ignored you and let you walked away with the crowd.

I don’t want you anymore.

I thought.




Until I realized, how helpful you were.

And then I remembered how you have tried to be open and vulnerable to me.

How you shared your dreams passionately.

How you have tried to be patient listening to my random stories.

How you crafted phrases to respond to my silly self talks.

How happy you were when receiving the Christmas gift from me.

And also, how I loved your guitar.

I think I miss you, buddy.

And I still want you to be my buddy.

Where is my phone, I need to Whatsapp you now.

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