#Happiness Is …


#Happiness Is 

waking up in the morning with no eye bags,

eating two hands full of oats and bananas before work,

having a self- talk on my way to office,

meeting the children in school and guide them solving problems,

having a bowl of greenies for lunch,

throwing some dry jokes toward colleagues and leave them puzzled,

and saying hi to my housemates at the table when I come home.

#Happiness Is 

putting effort to write to my mother in the midst of this fast pace life,

asking my brother and sister about how’s life in there,

and also to pray for my old grandpa and grandma 🙂

#Happiness Is

making time to reply texts and phone calls from friends – sometimes just to listen to their everyday story,

and it also means to go around some stores hunting birthday gifts for them,

being surrounded by people who love me and care about my progress,

and to love them back.




For these past few years, I’ve gone through some seasons which made me successfully learnt that #Happiness is the result of a fulfilled life which can only found through serving others.

And most of the time, I wouldn’t get what I want. Instead, I set aside time and energy to make their wishes come true.

Was it tiring? Yes, it was. And sometimes I’m being hurt, too.

But the result is worthy of further actions 🙂




My #Happiness is simple and actionable,

like spending weekends walking to supermarkets buying tomatoes or bananas or -maybe -spinach,

watching Ernest Prakasa or Pandji Pragiwaksono’ s shows online,

or reading Rene Suhardono and Edward Suhadi’s articles.

#Happiness means also when the lion city covered by 24 degree Celsius temperature throughout the day 🙂

Sitting with one or two buddies to discuss different interests for hours and hours,

crafting words to complete lyrics for new songs that I create, before find tune with its melody are another #Happiness of mine 🙂


to receive help from friends, to be able to feel their warmth and love, gives me another joy and happy feeling, too.

Like the one in this link 🙂


Happy 70th Birthday, Indonesia!

Let’s walk hand in hand toward #Happiness together 🙂

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