pak Nug 2

He died.

A loving husband who kept his wife’s picture in his wallet.

A caring father who consistently reminded his two children to live in a truthful life  honorably.

An outstanding teacher who has always wanted to see his students progress.

The man who valued humanity and had never cared about grades or classification.

The brave man who have taught me to fight for what I believe.




He had never took any bribery from anybody, even when the whole staff did it.

He had never decreased his project standard and quality for the sake of profit and cost.

He walked the talk and lived his life as an example to show that breakthru is always doable.




He had gone thru lots of dark seasons in his youth time,

and in the same time, he experienced God in his journey of life.

I’m grateful for he has always held on his decision to follow God.

Good people deserve to be seated in heaven 🙂




Rest In Peace, pak Nug.

Your legacy stays within me.

And I’ll make sure that they’ll be passed down to the next generation.


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