I met you.

You didn’t say a word, as usual.

I asked her about you, you didn’t like it, you pinched me.



But, I’ve always missed you.

You are irreplaceably loved.

Your gentleness, your meekness, are things I’ve always waited.

You were my shelter whenever she was upset with the mess I’ve made.


You loved me.

Your arms, your warmth, your cuddles, your comfort, were always there for me.

You were so passionate about life, until the crisis came and devastated you.

But I’m glad that you chose to stay.

Even tho we had to depend on every single cent to buy food,

and I had to calculate each slice to be served on the table, to feed four of us.




If only I could turned back time.

But, nope.

I don’t want to return to the old pages.

I think, I’m happy with how now I live.

In fact, I’m grateful.

I have the freedom to live my life.

I worry no more about hurting you.




You wanted me to be like you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t grant your wish.


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