The Third Day

Having a ‘one-week-term-break’, having plenty in my head.

Setting a-to-do-list and was planning to run over them. Apparently, I’m not there yet. Instead, I am now triggered to explore something new: food photography.

Don’t laugh.

It’s not like the one when you shoot your dinner or lunch or brunch and then you quickly post it on Instagram. It is far from it.

It was started from 2 weeks ago when I watched #UltimateU in Kompas TV, they brought the theme of Food Revolution to be talked about. It was an eye opener! I have never thought that food could be as interesting as this!

They talked about the origin of various food, how challenging it could be to provide food or ingredients that are seasonal, how to cook and serve them in a proper manner, how to set the marketing strategy and how to present them beautifully. That was a lot to chew!

Eventho I normally stick with the greenies or fruits for my plate, but I’m impressed with the way the food photographer gave the elaboration upon his work and creations. He explained clearly on why and what exactly his work about. Days later, this brought me to a search on how he does his work. I am now simply one of his fanboy. Lol. Hope he continues to breed stunning food photos. And articles 🙂


Having a term- break, having more time to meet and catch up with friends, too. Set a date with a cool girl who is working as a web designer. We talked and chat a lot mostly about ministry in church. Ow, she is also a cell group leader. Now you know. :B

This cool girl had agreed to help me creating demo version for few songs that I’ve wrote. Let’s see how we can juggle our schedules.

She lent me two books to bring home; a new release book by John Bevere and a book of Malcolm Gladwell which I’ve been searching for all along! What a perfect coincidence!


Having time to rest means a lengthen chatting time. Texting a friend in Jakarta for hours and hours which couldn’t be done in normal days.


Having time for sit back and relax, means also plenty of time to research and obtain lots of materials, online and offline. Found a bad news too, I’ve gained weight, gotta back to discipline my palates. Flab isn’t in the bible 😐

Still dealing with some office stuff in between, cos you know you won’t have time to organize them during your normal working days.

And the most important one is I finally have time to bring my eyes to a rest. The eyelids been feeling super itchy for these two weeks. I can’t help but scratching. And that even increasing the level of the itchiness! They became painful! Suck!

And this is just the third day.

I’ll be still enjoying another three days 🙂 


Disfrutar de las vacaciones!

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