On Friday Nite


I took MRT on my way to cell group on that nite. 
It wasn’t during peak hours, so I got a space to sit and relax. 

I sat slouchily, on earphones, and busy peeling my nails.
Some passengers got in and out at every stop as per normal, nothin unusual. 
At a glance – I noticed, a male passenger wearing checker shorts and white tee came in and sat next to me.

He put his head down and was busy texting on his iPhone. 

So, we both sat slouchily busy with our own things.

He alighted after 1 stop.

When he stood, his watch drew my attention!

I knew that watch!
I starred at the watch, literally rolled my eyes when I finally realised who he is!

I wanted to shout his name, but I suddenly lost my voice! 

Damn perfect. 

They often disappear when I need them.
I watched him getting off with my jaw dropped and my hand raised.

That skinny guy with glasses, whom his guitar play I adore so much. 

Merry Christmas, buddy. 

Clark Quay, August 21 2015

#singapore #mrt #story 

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