It was one fine morning when my grandma told me that she had received a letter from the tax office for me.

She said, “Nduk, wingi kae ono bocah ngeterke surat nggo kowe, soko kantor pajek”.

“Oo … pundi, Mbah?” I asked.

She replied, “Disimpen ibumu”.

I looked for mom asking for the letter. I read and I got a huge shock! The letter was delivered on 8 Dec, with a bold notification written that I have to make payment within 2x24H! All in my head was SH*TS!!

I called the tax office and got to speak with their officers. Wasn’t a pleasant experience talking to them, cos they seemed like know nothing about my query. However, the third officer managed to conclude that the total amount of my tax bill is Rp 150.000,00 only.

About after 1 p.m, I went down from Meteseh to the Tax Office in Candi Sari area; my brother gave me a ride.

I approached an officer, presented the documents that I’ve brought and asked what should I do with this; consider this is my first time receiving.

The officer looked puzzled and she asked her senior. The senior said, “Ini harus dibayar di bank atau kantor pos dulu, baru bisa dibawa kesini untuk dilaporkan”.

I asked, “Bisa ke bank dan kantor pos mana saja, Bu?”

Both of them said, “Yes”, without smiles.

So, I told my brother that I need to find a bank or a post office nearby.
“Kuwi ning sebelah ono BRI, jajal rono, nganggo rekeningku”, he said.
We went in and found out that they’re unable to receive tax payment due to the bank policy; we got to go to the bank branch office. All right, understood.

We continued to drive down looking for a bank or post office.

It was about 2.30 p.m when we finally found one post office – looks new, not too far from the tax office.

I went down and informed to the teller about my query. She said, “Bayar pajaknya nanti jam setengah empat.”

Now my turn to be puzzled.

Don’t you use an online payment system?
She said, “Sistem nya memang gitu. Dibuka pagi sampai jam 1, lalu lanjut dari 3.30 sampai jam tutup kantor”.
“Jam tutup kantor berarti pukul 5, Bu?” I asked.

“Nggak, 4.15”, she replied with a very black face.

Lol. Afraid of staying back. I said thank you before leaving the place.

We continued the journey, trying to find what we need.

Not a single bank branch office found, neither post office.

We drove further down and found a big branch post office.
I went in and repeat the same sentence just like I’ve said to every officer I’ve met today.
This time, I’m so glad I met the friendly one. This young officer offered his help to do a quick check of my documents, and he said, “Oo mbak, kalau sudah period akhir tahun begini SSBP hanya bisa dibayarkan ke kantor pos pusat.”

I asked why, and he explained everything clearly to me, including the possibility of being fined, or gonna be experiencing bank account deduction, or even issues that I might face upon the immigration counter if I can’t settle this before next year.
It was already 3 something when my brother and me making our way down to the Headquarter Post Office in Johar area.
I got 713 as the Qnumber. Means, I have to wait for another 55 turns. Luckily, a kind man gave me his Qnumber 681. At least this would cut off half of the line.

I looked for a seat and felt extremely happy when my number is called!

I presented my documents, and the officer got puzzled for some times. Okay. Usual view for today. Puzzled people. Lol.

I didn’t want to wait too long so I straight away explaining, bla bla bla. She is still puzzled, so she went in to check with her seniors.

I waited.
She came back and explained to me that she can only receive the amount that is written on the SSBP – which is 50.000 IDR only; meanwhile, the other Rp 100.000,00 couldn’t be proceed because it’s not written on the SSBP. I must get another SSBP to get that hundred thousands stated. In my head, *What the hell is this!*

She advised me to quickly go to the building next door, where I could also found a tax office inside. So I went.

Didn’t managed to find an officer but a security guard gave me an explanation bla bla. Tho I wasn’t satisfied, but couldn’t say much.

We went back to the post office to -at least- settle down the payment that is written on the SSBP, which is Rp 50.000,00 only. She entries my data with smiles.


Found out that my tax ID number was failed.

She tried several times and showed me what’s appeared on the monitor as well. My brother helped me to double checked, too. The ID number that’s written on my card is different with the ID number on the bill letter.

What is this again?! F*ck!!

Eventho I was extremely boiling inside, but I’m amazed by the apology that was said by the female officer, for I have to bear with this inconvenience. She has that attitude 🙂
I took a deep breath. Another deep breath. Another deep breath once again. Another deep breath twice, before finally my brother ended my deep breath.

He said, “There is no other way to settle this unless you go down to the tax office in Candi Sari.”

“But I’ve just went there and they didn’t say anything about this!” replied me angrily.
“Well my sister, this is what u’re gonna face in your home country”, he said it with a big smile.
Not funny. I frowned.

He comforted me by saying, “It’s okay. You settled down your tax as quick as possible. Don’t let this becoming a big issue. Okay?”
Big bro … 😢
It’s holiday season. Offices are scheduled to close. The fastest I can go to the tax office will be on next Monday 28 Dec.


Didn’t you expect your citizens to obey your rules and regulations? But why did you make it soooo difficult for us to become so? That other Rp 100.000,00 is actually stated for the year of 2014. How come I’ve just received it within this month?

Let’s say I’ve changed my mobile number, but didn’t you have my tax ID number? Including my email address too?!
And why did your officers seemed not knowledgable? I was being transferred from one phone line to another line; from one office to another office to another office to another office! And still my issue is unfixed.

I do not bribe. I do not litter.

I have never shouted -even in my highest anger- to any of your representatives.

I never break the traffic.

I submit my tax report annually.

And I’m willing to pay the amount that is billed to me. Never failed once.

I wanted to promote you abroad.

But tell me which side to be boosting?

Even the local airport isn’t a pleasant transit place for tourists.

Talking about infrastructure and amenities? Way too far.
I’m coming home to see my family, to spend time with friends and celebrate Christmas.

Not to run here and there dealing with this small silly tax amount.

You made me took far distance from east to west.
You can’t even keep your people happy.

How would you keep foreigners happy then?
Government, I’ll keep you in my prayer. Hoping that you will soon increase the quality of your public service.

Thank you.
#openletter #tax #semarang #indonesia

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