Been hearing that word quite plenty, 

being said sincerely, 

being misused and abused,

sometimes being used for the sake of courtesy.


What am I writing this for? 

Throwing out the hurt and pain that stay within me? 

To fix the brokenness? 

To seek for healing? 

To defend myself? 

What is it for? 


The scars caused by you still remain here. 

The wounds, they are still painful.

I am still tearing sometimes, 

but you just didn’t know it. 

Or maybe,

you didn’t want to know. 

But then, 

even if you knew, 

it won’t make a difference. 

You have said sorry for a thousand times.


I just don’t feel your heart in it.

I love you.


But to live with you, 

maybe I can’t. 

I’m sorry. 

#scars #brokeness #sorry 

*photo taken from @therealbanksy Twitter account 

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