Promised me a whole day 

While all he can give is just a lunch date 

Asked me for a date tomorrow 

I’ve said okay 

But he said he’ll let me know again

Ended by him postponed it to another tomorrow 

And that another tomorrow never comes

He offered me a ride 

Put me on the front seat 

But all along, talking to the girl who is sitting at the back

Sad 😢

He had made me less respected 

He just didn’t feel it 


He waited for my arrival in the airport for 2 hours long

It was hot 

He was perspiring 

I was impressed 


There was one night he said that he is tired

All he wanted is just to go home and rest


He knew that I really wanted to go for a streetfood

He changed his mind 🙂

He strengthen his body 

He reversed his car direction 

It was raining and pounding everywhere 

I was happily eating streetfood 


He couldn’t chew it 🙂 

He said he is not hungry 

But, I knew he lied 😛 

He looked like almost-vomited when the seller served a bowl of spicy noodle for another buyer. 


He has been so available to me.

I think it’s time to go home.

He is tired.

He needed some rest. 

Could be, 

He would always be too tired for me 🙂 


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