Express Group Taxi, Thank You!


During my visit to Semarang I became a regular taxi passenger.

Was going everywhere carrying gadgets, dressing up and – mostly – on make up.

I happened to find a new taxi company, it’s Express Group.

In Semarang, they provide two types of cars, an Avanza or sedan.

Since I have a preference of big cars, so I’ve always requested for the Avanza over sedan.

If you have read some of my articles, then you must have known what kind of person I am.

I respect people who treat others with dignity.

This taxi company seems nailed it successfully.

I can say that their drivers are all polite, let’s say 9 out of 10.

Well, sometimes we have a bad day too, people 🙂

They know which route best to take.

They will think of the fastest and the safest route to take.

They won’t make use of your know-nothing look. Trust me.

They take time for car maintenance, you can see from the way the car looks: clean, neat and perfumed.

They never failed picking me on time, in fact they’ve always came earlier.

Sound too good to be true?


I still have another good news.

Their rate is the cheapest among all.

That is so damn good!

Can’t believe it, too! Haha!


There were times when I happened chatting with the taxi drivers. I frankly asked about how can this cab charged me lesser than other taxis. They simply replied, “Itu sudah diatur perusahaan, mbak”, with smiles.

Further more I said that their rate is the lowest among all cabs in Semarang, yet they managed to provide presentable cars, and they never asked for tip – you know, extra money out of the metered. That is a little bit unbelievable. At least to me.

Some of the drivers explained to me that they have to put on certain amount as deposit in order to own 1 unit of car. The amount equals to 1 unit of second hand motorbike. Such a big amount for local people. This will allow them to own the company’s car for 8 or 10 years. Of course, they have to go through some tests before they finally got hired by the company. That’s pretty tough.

So, now make sense to me why do they care so much about their cars, why do they find a need to treasure their customers, trying to serve us in their best way more than others do.

They got the job not in an easy way. They fight for the job.

But, I believe there is a deeper reason of why do these drivers chose to join Express Group and not the other taxi companies.

They believe in the values that the company’s stands for.

They believe in working as a team, that they must do their part to support the growth of the company, and they believe that the company will be ready to back them up whenever they’re in trouble.

They believe in the law of cause and effect.

That every action taken will be bringing effect for their work cycle and income, and also for the company.

They believe that driving a cab is more than just sending passengers from one point to another point.

They believe in treating others with respect and dignity.


To be honest, this is my first time finding such a good damn cab in Semarang, ooh I mean Indonesia 🙂

I wish, their goodness won’t stop here.

I wish that they will stay consistent holding on to their company values.

The bigger their values are, the more they will grow and expand.

I just believe it.

Express Group Taxi, thank you 🙂


*Written during my flight back to Singapore, 1 Jan 2016, while pic illustration taken from online.

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