Hey, the boy in the red checker shirt!

I remembered an old story the minute I saw you.

A story of somebody who was kind and gentle to me.

The rising star among his peers who was asking his buddy to tell me that he liked me.

He was such a joy for everyone in school because he has good manners and yet, he is extremely smart.

Oh, and he was eyed by some girls, one of them is the smartest in school.

Anyway, he became my boyfriend ^,^

We were first friends before we’re dating each other.

I thought, I would be receiving flowers or notes since then.

You know, kind of little note hidden in the drawer which might be saying,

“Hey, I’ll pick you during recess time. I’ll treat. See ya!”


“Today I have to stay in the school’s lab ’till 2 p.m. I’ll call you before dinner.”

But I didn’t 😐

In fact, I’ve never received a single surprise from him.

Worse, I had to tell him that I wanted a Saturday nite’s date.

Even to just giving me a phone call, he had to be told.

And you know what, instead of holding my hands when crossing road, he held my bag pack!

Didn’t remember how many times I got upset about this.

I’d always went saying, “Here, the bag is yours!”

Laugh Laugh Laugh!


Days went by, and I found out that we didn’t belong each other.

I had to tell him that I want to break up.

He was shivering. He said,

“Can’t we work it on? Give me time to change, Ernie.”

He was sincere, I could seen it through his eyes.

So then the dating was continued.

He put his best efforts to treat me better.

He seemed to be more assertive asking me if there are things I wanted him to do.

But you see, these are not the ways a relationship works for me.

I felt tired to keep on telling him things I wanted.

I was so exhausted giving him the-weekly-to-do-list.

It was so draining.

I couldn’t stand with him anymore.

I didn’t know what to say.

I hesitated to meet him.

And he felt it.


After weeks of hiding, I finally decided to meet him.

We met after school, we walked together – side by side toward the bus stop.

We sat.

And we said no word.

This time, my turn to be shivering.

I had no idea on how to start the conversation between him and me.

I could seen the fear in his face saying,

“Please, don’t say it.”

But I couldn’t.

I would definitely made him more miserable if I didn’t end this relationship.

For the second time, I said to him,

“I’m sorry, but I think these all didn’t work like what we want.

I thought I would be happier being with you, but I’m not. Let’s break up.”

He was tearing.

I have had made him broken hearted.

On that cloudy Friday afternoon, I really wished I could gave him a hug.

But I held my breath.

I had to let him go, event though this brought scars into his heart.

I had to place an end in his memory, so that he could understood that we’re no longer  together anymore.

It wasn’t easy for both of us.

It was even harder to be back as friends after the failed relationship.

I didn’t remember meeting him during our graduation party.

 And I’ve never seen him anymore since after Junior High.


Hey, the boy in the red checker shirt!

I had left my first boyfriend right at where you are now sitting.

Not because he is not good, but because we didn’t belong each other.

He deserved somebody else, and so did I.

If you happened to read this story,

I wish that you would treat the girl whom you love in the way she wanted to be loved.

And may you find the girl of your dream.

Boy, I’ve always cherished the friendship that we used to had.

Thank you for letting this story published.

I wish you a good and prosper life 🙂


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