Happy 23rd Anniversary, #IFGFSemarang !

Some people say that they belong to a group of small churches going around spreading Gospel.

Some disagree with the changes they have made and decided to leave them instead.

Some also say that they are still growing to be a better church.

Those are what people say about a place which I call it home 🙂


Well, I say that I found sincerity in their friendship.

I’m not afraid to be vulnerable because I know they would always love me for just the way I am.

I’ve never hesitated to contribute because I know they will always provide space for those who have heart to serve together.


Their warmth and excitement are unbeatable.

They are still on their way reaching out to the lost, and I’m pretty sure they will make it soon. We will definitely see harvest in God’s timing.

Although, I have heard disappointment, anger, and bitterness from people who had left them.

But hey ,,, who is perfect in this world?!

None, isn’t it? Including them, those bitter people, and me myself.

We’re all still growing, that’s not wrong.

As we are trying, we would experience failures along the way, and that’s perfectly fine. At least, we fall forward.

And, we don’t quit trying. We keep on going on.


Well, in spite of what people are saying, they remain faithful and united in building the Kingdom. Truly, I can’t be more thankful for this.


Happy 23rd birthday, IFGF Semarang.

You’re in my heart, always.



Special thanks to Pastor Budi, Pastor Ben, Pro-M and iYouth fellas.

You have no idea how much you guys have brought colors into my life.

I wish I could just squeeze everybody’s face in this frame 🙂

Feliz Cumpleaños!!!


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