Hellow! I see rainbow!


Well, actually I don’t. Singapore’s sky is pretty bright, there is no way rainbow can perform. However, my February does.

Yes, rainbow is on my side throughout this month. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, you name it, I have them all.

Red, orange, and yellow appeared during my birthday’s week.

The wishes, the greetings and prayers that were sent by friends and family had successfully brightened the whole week. I’m sure you could feel the blast, too. Few of the loved ones sent me their real love, they sent me flowers 🙂

18 pink roses was presented as the first hand bouquets in the early birthday celebration arranged by my cell group friends. It was kind of funny moment :D”

You know, imagining those grown up buddies tried to sneaking me out after Church service, putting the best they could playing hide and seek with me! :D”

The surprise failed, the buddies frowned.

So we replayed the birthday surprise again.

Laugh laugh laugh!

#W394, thank you 🙂

erniesarra33 -suntec#erniesarra33


Meanwhile, another surprise was already waiting on the actual day, Feb 17. 🙂

On Wednesday morning, my boss took over the Line Time. She said to the children that she is going to teach them a new birthday song, it goes like this:

“We celebrate your birth

You’re placed on this Earth

May peace, love and joy

Be always with you”

We sing it in the same tune as the popular birthday song which everyone knows, but the new lyrics made the melody so much deeper.

She said that birthday isn’t just always about party and presents. It is also not just about getting one year older. It is actually to celebrate our existence, being grateful for each and every season that we have overcome, to allow the love ones to love us back; and most importantly, to appreciate our being as a person.

She was all about saying the right things, and she said it in front of everyone in school, the kiddos and the teachers as well. At the end of the talk, she asked the children,

“Children, the Birthday Walk is ready, but we don’t have the birthday person yet. Do you think we have somebody who was born in February?”

Of course, those kiddos were puzzled, started to asking their peers,

“Hey, when is your birthday?”

“Mmm ,,, I already celebrated birthday last month … Hmm … .“

In the back of my head, I already knew, who is this all about!

It is all about me!

They prepared and arranged all of this for me!

I can’t stop laughing! =)))


erniesarra33 - holding globe

(Have you not already seen this on your What’sApp chats? :P)

Now, you see how loving and warm the people I am working with.

Like my boss always says,

“Don’t work for me, work with me.”

And honestly, she hates me calling her boss. I don’t know how many times already she reminds me to just call her by name. But sorry Boss, I love you too much to not calling you my boss :D”

And for the rest of the day, I received cards and hand drawing from the children non stop. One of my colleagues hinted them how much I love bananas! So, there you go, bananas appeared in almost all of the drawings. Banana with ice cream, banana with tea, banana itself, banana eaten by a monkey, even banana trees! I love bananas!  =))

erniesarra33 b.jpg

 ( We’re committed to protect our children’s privacy 🙂 )

The day was totally blown up by the joy and excitement. I could not stop thanking people who came and invested their time making a memorable moment with me. I’ve got the best gift everyone dares to wish for, the gift of friendship.

If you have live long enough, you would know how difficult to walk on the journey of finding true friends. And so, these few good people, I treasure them so much.

We don’t go to the same house of prayer, neither we dress in the same way.

Our relationship isn’t like that smooth sailing ship, but they do not bitch behind my back. They are happy seeing me being happy, too. That is what true friends mean to me.

serene and me.jpgIt’s Serene and me, and I wish I could squeezed you into this frame, Esther 🙂 


Well, the day wasn’t over yet.

My friend, Swanie, she came all the way down to see me after work. It was already after dinner time, and we both knew that we are very busy. She came just to see me blowing the birthday candle! Yes, I got another piece of birthday cake in the same day :D’

The best part is, she brought my favorite Javanese dishes: Sate Ayam and Kangkung! Yum!

sate ayam.jpgI still show respect for God has created me as an omnivore 🙂

I still received birthday wishes and greetings until the next two days. I was totally on top of the world!

Till I went home and received a text, said that my uncle had just passed away.


Suddenly the blue and violet changed the atmosphere.


I lost balance.

My uncle passed away after spending some times battling against cancer.

I could not picturize how deep the sorrow that is experiencing by my aunt.

I stumbled.

Another loss.


Not even half of year ago I’ve just lost a good friend, Nugroho.

And to be very honest, still I find myself often grieving for my dad’s death years ago.

One loss after another.





Uncle, I have taken thousands pics of Aunt, but I have never taken yours.

I regretted this so much.

I failed to keep the moments with you.

But, I can promise you one thing, that I will cherish your lady even more.

I’ll make sure to capture every joy and happiness that she’d be experiencing even when she is without you.

IMG_2265Uncle, through her eyes, people will remember your kindness and generosity.


The rainbow has taught me an important lesson.


“If relationship will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?”

– Max Lucado


When I die, the only one I wished I had is to be surrounded by those whom I love – family, friends, loved ones, those who have invested their thoughts building a better life together with me, contributing their time and energy to make me to be a better person, bringing good impact for the society.

I want it to be like that and I guess every human being wants it that way.

Uncle, the loss has taught me to give more of my time for my family,

to dare not to miss a moment with the loved ones,

to keep the good memory in every season.


Friends, now I see green in my rainbow.

Let’s appreciate every tiny joy.

Let’s celebrate life.


Family, see you in three weeks time 🙂


Taken in Yogyakarta, December 2015. 

-e n d-

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