If My Child Was an ASD


I see white Edelweiss in your eyes

They are small and gentle

They are beautiful


I hear the sound from the edge of your lips

I catch the whisper of your breaths

I capture the glance of your steps


You’re in my heart, always

You’re in my mind, each and every second

You’re in my prayer, yesterday, today and tomorrow


I don’t know how to love you

I seem losing ways to your heart

You’re beating faster

You’re running further

You’re jabbering without a single pause

You drop your eyes even more often from me


Come, I have a story to share

I want to end your tears

Let me fill the happiness that is in you

I want to put the smile back on your face

I want to bring sunshine back in you


If I could blaming myself for hearing you screamed

My heart is breaking seeing you stumbled

I’m scattered finding you shivering


How about if we let the whole world know

How big the love I have for you?


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