When I Got My First Wage

I had just finished my study and being pushed by dad to quickly explore the work world. He sent me to his good friend who owns a small firm in town, and got me hired as an admin assistant. There I was, a green and fresh graduate University student ready to go to work every morning! ^^

I didn’t earn a lot; in fact, I didn’t expect much pay from my first job. All dad and I wanted was just to be given an opportunity to experience how to start working. However, I remembered, every week after receiving the wage, I felt like hearing Chrisye’s voice singing the melody. I got a great pleasure in my heart and soul. 🙂

I remembered, there was a new Pizza stall in front of Macro hypermarket in Majapahit road which just opened few weeks ago. I have eyed this stall since their first opening, was overly tempted to buy, but didn’t have enough pocket money left.

But that day, I got a fat envelope filled with IDR 75.000,00 in my bag! More than enough to buy the large pan! Hooray Hooray!!

That was back in 10 years ago. 🙂




Honestly, I didn’t know that the whole family didn’t like to eat pizza. I found it only later. :D”

But they appreciated the joy and enthusiasm of me being able to bring something for the table. They took a bit of slice and cheered me excitedly!

There we were, a small happy family, felt like we had all that we wanted to have. 🙂

Every morning -as I was rushing to go to work- they would just be grateful with rice and egg for breakfast; soy sauce is provided if they wish to add-on. They didn’t make noise with the fact that I was no longer having enough time preparing proper breakfasts.

Mmm ,,, you know what? I think we didn’t get to eat eggs often, we chose tempe or tahu to be put in our regular menus because they are much economical. In fact, I have to be very calculative when it comes to eggs or meats. I became very expert in cooking these mates, be it tempe bacem, tempe kering, tumis tahu, perkedel tahu, anything! LOL.

Mom is a good cook, very efficient in coping with the house chores, while dad was a perfect watchman who was managing our finance and became the jury of the house. The combination from both had born a skillful young woman like me. They taught me to juggle my schedule, to fit in both work and family together. You know what, that was one of the greatest lessons I have learnt from them. The fact that they had shaped me to become a more homy person is something that I am grateful for. I have never found a need to crave for happiness or pleasure out there. I would just happy enough spending time for dinner and sitting around the TV together at home.


“Most of the time, we didn’t watch anything. We just gathered.”


I massaged dad, big brother was helping mom marking her paper works for tomorrow’s teaching, while my sister happily snacking kerupuk with soy sauce, cheering us with her funny jokes. Before 10 p.m everybody should’ve gone to sleep. 🙂




Back then, when we didn’t have much money to spend, instead we had numerous of joy within our reach.


“Dad had left a legacy that stays within me,

said that money is not everything and never become one. Family is.” 🙂


I don’t earn much -still- but the amount that I have now is sufficient enough to cover all of my expenses, paying for room every month, have a little amount of saving, buying gifts for family or friend’s birthday, also to pay for my part-time study fees. These are more than good for me. These are bunch! 🙂

But you see, if mom and dad didn’t invest their time to teach me the value of money, I don’t think I would be as wise as today.

If they didn’t teach me to manage that seventy five thousands rupiahs, I guarantee I won’t be able to manage bigger amount.

Once he said,

“Erni, It’s okay to have seventy five thousands in you wallet. That number will grow if you just work harder. But, it takes more than a hard work to keep the family united, you know. I’d rather earning a little but I can have you all and mom stay at home everyday, than spending 16 hours chasing for tenders but I won’t get to see you before bed.”

He continued,

“Cherish the relationship, the love that we have among each other, ask anything you’d love to know about life now. Because one day when I am no longer exist, you won’t be able to talk to me anymore. 

And also, life is never about being on top. Remember Erni, I never want my children to be the smartest and the richest. Go explore the world, find something new to learn, be the conquer even in the hardest time, and never satisfy with average performance. Understand?”

We used to end the conversations by saying, “Mom, Dad, we’re tired. Can we go to sleep?” :D”

You laugh.

After spending more than 30 minutes massaging or marking the exam sheets, you will definitely exhausted. Guaranteed.




It took years for me to walk in his teachings.

Dad might not be my hero, but he had always been the wisest. 🙂

The season of that seventy five thousands rupiahs had taught me to hold on to the right values of life and led me to where I am today.

There were years when I was busy completing achievements, getting my ideas and works certified, but what dad had taught me never failed to draw me back home, to the love that he had sown long before he died.

The number will eventually grow as I am becoming more and more expert. It’s just a matter of time. After all, being rich is in the attitude.


“Never too busy to make life that we forget to enjoy life.

Always remember, it’s never about earning a living, it’s about designing a life.”


Friends, I wish you could find the cause of what you are doing.

Even if what you are now doing have not give you enough access to enjoy the pleasures you wish you had, just remember that you’re not the only one. I was once like you.

Numbers can easily grow. Trust me, it is just a matter of time.

Preparing and maintaining the place to store the growing numbers which I call The Heart, that takes a long life fight.

May you stay true to your heart. 🙂



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