You looked clean

You seemed healthy

None went wrong

Listening to the groan coming from your mouth

Sitting with you till the last scoop

Seeing you eating quietly

I was happy as can be

I thought you, too

“How’s life?” I asked

You went, “Hmm … .” 

I didn’t understand your humming

“Grandpa … ?” I continued

You went silent

You’re still silent

You stay silent

Then, your right hand moved to scrub the corner of your eyes

I stunt in a silence

You were tearing

One tear dropped

Another tear followed

You cried




Quietly you said, “I miss your Grandma”.




I knew it

I definitely knew it





Old man,

It takes more than a feeling to stay in love

It takes a big courage to stay committed

It takes two to dance in rhythm

Old man,

Would you leave everything behind to win her back?

Cause love means nothin’ without deeds

Love requires a hardwork

Love has languages

Old man,

I feel your brokenness

I can picturize your soul

Apprehending your heart beats, too

Cry Grandpa, Cry

Release the dreadfulness

Let the nerves dancing out

Cry while you can

And you know what,

Grandma loves you

She just told me this morning


Loving you as always,


e . n . d

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