President, A Table For Everyone

Do you remember John? He is my friend in the “Meskipun Sudah Rata” article.

Last night after church service we went to Lucky Plaza for a dinner. We brought other friends along. Yes yes, apparently everyone in the cell group was craving for Indonesian food. There we were, heading to Ayam Penyet President with dancing tummies! Drum roll!

On our way to President, we were busy discussing the menu that we would like to order. I remembered, we stood in a circle in the train, didn’t aware that we were blocking the other passengers. Lol.

My friend, Dina, was promoting their Fried Rice. She said that the plate is worth trying, and because of her sales talk, she got Sui persuaded. Haha!

John and Ie nominated the-must-try-main-course of President, Smashed Fried Chicken, or simply call it Ayam Penyet.

Confidently they said, “It’s going to be a big disappointment skipping their Ayam Penyet while you make a visit to this restaurant!”

As the result, they got almost half of the group agreed with their campaign. Clap clap!

Truly, they’re all correct. If only I could stored all of their dish into my tiny tummy. What a wishful thinking. Sigh.


It was not difficult to get seats for 10 persons as the restaurant was less of crowd when we arrived. We were welcomed by the usual lady staff and the friendly manager, Om Felix. Oh by the way, John has been praising Om Felix for his friendly hospitality quite often.

It took a while to list down our orders, but food came fast. My Chicken Satay was the first to be served! Excellent! I quickly took a few shots! Hahaha!


sate ayam Saras.jpg
How can I not tempted seeing this sexy chops! 😛

Not long after mine, Fried Rice and Smashed Fried Chicken were delivered on the table. It was covered by a large Krupuk Udang, so I decided to wait after Sui’s few scoops to get a better image presentation. Along with the Fried Rice, Sui also ordered for a cup of Soda Gembira. Too bad, I was too hungry until I forgotten to take a snap of his drink. -_-”


nasi goreng Sui (2).jpg
Sui finished his plate in turbo speed!

If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you must’ve known that big feast equals pleasure to me! Because I’d get to practice clicking the shutter more often! Ha, party starts!

As I have said to one or two to allow me capturing their plates before they eat, so I moved freely to find the perfect angle without second thoughts! So, here is a quick snap of the-must-try-main-course!


ayam penyet Chris.jpg
A real Ayam Penyet, will this not make you feel like home? 🙂

It was 8. 40 p.m and no one was realizing that we have been staying for more than 40 minutes enjoying meals and prattling around about random things. While more customers started to walk into the restaurant. Yes, the crowd can be one of your benchmark that tells how good the restaurant is. 🙂

Well surprisingly, the Chicken Satay that I have finished was not kicking my tummy yet. I saw the plate in front of John and Ie, I stood and quickly walked to Om Felix asking for the same plate: Tahu Telor. I moved really quick, because it’s nearly to the last order time, which is at 9 p.m.

Spontaneously Ie said, “Ha?! What on earth is happening? Saras is eating two plates??”

I laughed. I was clueless, too. Haha =))

My second order came in less than 5 minutes. See how tall the fella is? I think Mount Tofu is a better name to address this figure. Haha! Yum!


S0091311 (1).jpg
Never go for food alone, so that you’ll always can get ‘hands-in-frame’ shot. Ha!

Alright, it’s getting late, and we gotta to make a move soon. We asked Om Felix to help us taking a group picture before leaving the place. This friendly manager has impressed me with his endless smiles, kind gesture, gentle speech, and his very smooth hands skin. =))

To be honest, we can find many other places that sell Indonesian food, but we always come back to President. And after round and round of convictions from John, I think I come to agree that they don’t just do sales, they are hosting, they are serving.

Well yes, there will be bad days when they’re too busy serving or seem to be too tired after long hours of cleaning tables and chairs, while at the same time they have to keep on eye to the cooking in the kitchen, too. All these things are quite easy to be understood. But have my words, the minute you see Om Felix’s smiles, all of your doubts and uncertainties will be casted out.

In your own time, you can also have a quick check on their website:

Ayam Penyet President, it’s always been a joy spending time and enjoying meals in your restaurant. Thank you for allowing me snapping around in your restaurant last night, and thank you for your kind service.

Will come to see you again,

A well pleased customer. 🙂

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