Ma, Happy Birthday :)



Ma, I was just about to turn 4 when you came to pick me in grandma’s house. You packed almost all of my stuffs and got me ready for a bus trip.

I saw a change in grandma’s face, but didn’t understand what was it.

Nevertheless, I moved and followed your foot steps to get on the bus.

From the front seats, I saw grandma waved her hands and wiped her tears. She looked sad.

I asked, “Mama, why do we suddenly have to go to the city?”

“Hmm ,, because dad and I want to take you to the zoo,” you said.

“We will be back here again, right?” I continued asking.

Shortly you replied, “Of course.”

I said okay and sat quietly with you.




Ma, it must’ve been hard for you to say that you wanted me back.

You must’ve been fought your flesh and bone every time the word “Ibu kangen, Nduk” came out from your mouth.

Ma, I know you too well, you can’t hide those from me.





The life storms that you have gone through,

The pain, the suffer, the hurt and the failures,

They are temporarily.

They will disappear,

And a brighter season will soon appear.


I often disagree with you, but doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. 🙂

You are my mom, my only mom.

If it wasn’t because of you and dad, then there wouldn’t be me. 🙂

I know Ma, I know ,,,

You wished that I could be with you forever.

Well, I wish I could.

But Ma, while I still have time, let me pursue the best I could get.

Let me hold on to what dad had said before he died, that I have to give my best in everything I do, that to keep on trying ’till my last breath is the benchmark that his children must aim for.




Whether I’m near or far, I will still pray for you.

Whether I’m young or old, forever I adore you.

Whether I’m married or not (yet), I will still love you. 😉

Ma, Happy Birthday 🙂🙂:)

We love you 🙂:)

~ In this article: big bro, little jewel, and me ~

*Typing on my iPhone for you in Suntec, 2 April 2016. 

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