Look Straight!

I’m on my way to the biking track and suddenly the weather turns unfriendly. The sky becomes so unkind pouring rain heavily. So here I am, looking for a shelter, stranded at the bus stop. Oh well, feeling inconvenient? Certainly yes.

But hold on, being inconvenient and uncomfortable are constant elements in everyday life. Like, to hold my tongue when somebody said something all wrong without a prior checking, because I knew it wasn’t the battle I wish I had won. Felt happy? Absolutely not.

Or, like stretching my lips to smile a little bit longer when clients didn’t buy my observations and just wanted me to shut up; or worse, attacked me back. Simply because I need to maintain the relationship for a greater victory ahead.

I push myself to get up every morning even in my weakest time when I’m sick and down with diseases, to give my best performance at work and full attention during night classes. Am I trying too hard? Well, perhaps; because I aim for deeper knowledge which enable me to echo my visions louder.

I commit myself to chew and swallow those greenies and seeds every day, might need to put extra efforts during the monthly period. Doesn’t sound enjoyable? Haha. Well, I value my health as much as not letting junks entering my digest system.

I choose to set my brain to ‘Aeroplane Mode’ when noises, scolds, judgements and cynical bombard me. Sounds ignorant? I don’t mind, because I don’t find them benefit me. Let them wreck themselves, but not me.

I now learn to construct compartments in the brain because they help me managing my angers and emotions better. And do you know what’s the biggest compartment? Trash bin. Apparently, plenty of people are too eager to speak rubbish which in that way they think they’re smart.

“The bigger the bin is, the easier to dump the pennies which I definitely won’t need. 

When the bin is getting full, easily click the “Empty Trash” button.” 😏 

I’m grieving and upset when experiencing loses, especially one loss after another in just these few months. But, instead of sitting and crying non stop in the cubical, I choose to draw my energy to achieve longer miles when cycling. You know why? Because crying won’t help to mend the loss, while cycling definitely contribute muscles for my health.

Oh, even better.

You know what, there were third parties who misuse my shoots and frames on Instagram, reposting without acknowledgment and thinking that it’s okay. Well, maybe they just didn’t aware.

And let me tell you, it’s not pleasant at all.

I’ve met few big cafes that boost their brands highly, yet they reposted my photos without crediting me. Oh, I didn’t even remember they asked permission for that. So, now become my responsibility to educate them. For my stand, attaching a polite request to mention or tag me on their repost is something I could do.

Am I humiliating myself? Again, it depends on your perspective.

Personally, I don’t like seeing this rudeness going round and bugging me as a photography enthusiast; so I have to do something about it. I gotta start the change.

Yes, start the change.

There might be people talking behind your back, being disrespectful to you, or underestimating you. You might be angry, you might feel it unfair and it’s okay to feel that way. But, instead of getting bitter, why not using the anger as the fuel to prove them that they’re all about wrong? That’s not easy at all, I know, but it’s worth fighting. Trust me.

After all, the benefit, the wisdom and the victory are all for your credit, and not them. 🙂

In the end of the chapter, they will be the one who bite their lips, and not you. 🙂

“Start it all from you.

Because the point of interest is you, not them.”


Relax and don’t back down to keep on loving them.

Keep on sowing, keep on trying.

Look straight and stay focus.

* * *

*9 a.m at the bus stop 67311, when cycling.

**Inspired by @kennysgoh ‘s teaching: Pusat Perhatian, December 2015, in the-iron-man-church, Surabaya. As seen in this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxTGQRG7HQE

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