The Journey #part1

I have a dream.

A dream that I have dreamt since my first year of teaching.

I have tried to push the dream away, putting a thought that perhaps this is only a wishful thinking out of nowhere. Or I am probably too bored with life. Or, I could’ve played too far with the voice in my head that led me to the wrong interpretation. Well, it could be many things.




But you know what, the more I push, the more it bothers me.

The deeper I burry, the louder it speaks.

The more I ignore, the bigger the guilt that comes.

I feel like I’m wrestling with an invisible figure.

I feel like I have no other choice but to respond to it.

But … HOW?

I am as clueless as can be to even get the engine starts.




Who to call?

Who to speak with?

Who to work with?

I don’t have too many in my circular.

And that is kind of discouraging.




Until I make my way to meet the guru, and frankly said that I’m looking for wisdom. It’s been a decade of teaching, and I’m longing for the next big thing. I have the vision in mind, but I’m still looking for a way to make it known. He said,

“Write it. Make it visible and appealing.”





What a simple advice I have neglected. Silly me.

He continued saying, “Maybe you don’t need that many, Erni.”

Hell yea.




Maybe I’ll be enough with 1 or 2 who believe in what I believe.

Maybe I’ll be enough with the small amount in my treasure box.

Maybe I’ll be enough with the solid conviction which is deeply rooted within me.

Maybe I don’t need that much!

Maybe I’ll be just fine with the little that I know.

Maybe all I need is just to be bold and stay brave!

Ha! Eureka!! 😃😃


He didn’t release me easily.

He gave me a dateline.

Oh no no, he asked me to set my own dateline.

He made me saying out a date on the spot.

He made me promise to myself.

How cool is that.

Hoop! 🙌🏼


Well, now is the time for the egg to crack its shell and seems like the hen has to come out from her little chamber. I’ve got a homework to do. I will be writing my vision on paper. I’ll make it known to the whole world. The journey maybe full of thorns and far from easy, but this will be another milestone written in the story of my life.

It’s going to be another chapter of my history.

It’s going to be my legacy.

It’s going to be hard.

It’s going to be tough.

I may be hearing critics.

I may be receiving corrections.

I may be experiencing rejections.

I may have to deal with cynical comments.

I may be pruned from head to toes.

I may be falling.

I may be failing.

But, one bad chapter doesn’t mean my story is over.

And anyway, if I fail I’ll be failing forward. 😉



– to be continued –



In this article : Rene Suhardono. (I’ll do my homework, Coach! ✌🏻️)

2 thoughts on “The Journey #part1

  1. buku ini.. buku yang juga saya culik dan baca dengan kilat.. buat org yang bkn ‘tukang baca’ ini sudah sangat prestasi sih.. wkwkwkwk ayooo.. semangat kejar mimpinya yaa mba…

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