The Gift Of Love #Part2

To love means to be genuine.

To love means to give generously.

To love means to expand the understanding.

It also means to be extremely patient.

Or to bear with rejections, sometimes.




God does not make this journey any easy.

The crying, the screaming and the aching bones do not seem to end yet.

But miraculously,

He always able to make me get up and try again in every quitting moment.


He said,

“I was there, I am there, and I will be there. 

Make Me proud calling you as my child.

Promise Me that you will finish this task, no matter what it takes.

I’m not through with you yet.

Get up and try again.”




So, if life is a series of tests, then I would rather to pursue its completion.

If not, I will have to redo the learning and take a repeat.

No, I certainly cannot afford that.




Although it does not get any clearer about where it is going,

nor that I have granted more clues to continue the journey,

and still I cannot picturise of how this story will end,

but I will continue to find the answer.

And I will surely find it.




My wish for this gentleman is that one day he will realise how fortunate he is,

that he is valued and regarded by God.

Because if he is not, God would not put me at a stretch like this.

See you in #Part3. 🙂



“I’ll Find You” is originally sang by Kunto Aji for “Sore” web series. The release of this cover on to the online platform has been agreed by him. It was created in Semarang with the help from the two cuties in #photoband , Tirta and Eric. Gracias! 🙂

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