The Gift Of Love #Part3 (End)

I have met with the gentleman during my trip to Semarang in the last December.

We went for a meal time after the Sunday mass to a small and cozy restaurant nearby the church. I enjoyed our interaction even though the food was not up to my taste at all. We had a deep talk as I shared what I have received from God regarding him through out these past six months.

His listening ears gladdened me. 🙂

We used the rest of the afternoon to talk about our own personal stuff, like stories of our families,  friendships, sports and hobbies.

You have no idea how joyful I was for I finally got to ask every little thing that I needed to know about him. We continued the conversation as he drove me home.

I could sense that he tried his best to stay calm and manly to respond to all of my curiosities, even though he was shivering inside.


As a woman, I just knew it. 🙂

And witnessing him behaving this way was such another rare moment that filled my heart with a beaming smile. 🙂




I think, I can now say with confidence, that I have ended the six months prayer journey with the right chapter. I have given all that God has asked me to give to this gentleman. And indeed, this 6-months-prayer- journey has taught me plenty of life lessons and wisdom which I might not get from other situations.


It might not ended like what I have planned, but it has surely ended in God’s pen.


The ignorance and lack of response of this gentleman is part of God’s lesson plan to teach me to stay loving, patient, and committed toward a difficult figure.

There were numerous times of surrendering moments with God, uncountable quitting times, intolerable of unjust feelings, and plentiful amount of tears which I dealt with while praying for this man.


“I’m emotionally tired, God. Can You assign somebody else to continue this journey?”

was the most frequent line I said to God.


But I guess, it was never about going after the man.

It was all about me.




The six months journey was an avenue to deepen my sensitivity to receive God’s words, to reform my integrity to remain truthful to God and to keep the friendship holly.

Well, come on, I was praying for 6 months for a good looking gentleman who is claimed to be the most handsome guy in our church – even by my male friends.

Certainly, it has created chaos in my brain, jumbled up my feelings and emotions, because it brought a potential bias into my human perspective.

There were periods when I’ve got to sit and trash out to God, asking Him clarity to redefine His desire.


If my portion was only to pray for his salvation, then I needed God to grant me the ability to remain accountable to carry this responsibility.

I should not pollute God’s desire with my desire.

I needed to protect His will to remain pure and holly.


And one more time, God showed me how faithful He is. He had walked with me this far to lengthen my durability to last the journey. And if next time God asks me to run a race to bring the lost back home, I will then know how to carry the responsibility in a wiser and healthier way to keep God in the centre of the journey with an unquestionable confidence.




A gift of friendship that is genuine, truthful and covered with prayers.

I guess, that was the hamper which I had presented on the table, deliberately for him.

As for now, the gift remains sealed on the table until he decides to receive and unpack it.

Only then he will get to experience the beauty of the friendship that I have offered.

And when will he be?

Only God knows. 🙂

– End – 



*You may need to read the previous writing of “The Gift of Love” (Part1 and Part2) to get a whole story of this trilogy. They’re all in my blog. 

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